About Me

During my MSc and PhD studies I've designed and assembled a complete cryogenic (3He) scanning SQUID-On-Tip microscope combined with a transport measurement setup. I have been using this scanning SQUID-On-Tip microscope to study the magnetic properties of various physical systems, focusing mainly on Magnetically doped Topological Insulators (with results published in Science Advances and npj Quantum Materials).
I am a skillful and experienced setup designer, particularly of SPM systems. I have experience in 3D part design in both table-top scale, as well as high precision mm sized parts for CNC fabrication and micron-sized sample masks for e-beam and optical lithography. I am an expert in design and automation of experiments, and in data analysis including image processing.
I enjoy thinking of all aspects when designing an experiment – starting with the sample design and ending with the final specific measurement, but I also acknowledge that sometimes interesting and beautiful discoveries come when combining playful “wondering” and educated guesses.
Most of my work in the past few years was done on my own, making me accustomed to independent work and problem solving. Nevertheless, I value and enjoy the conversations and collaborations with fellow lab-mates that can expose each side to a different way of thinking and lead to interesting solutions and insights. I also enjoy teaching and mentoring of fellow students as well as undergraduate and even high-school students.
I think there’s a skill in being able to appreciate the existing knowledge of the other side and to phrase the new knowledge you want to pass on in a relatable manner. This skill, in my opinion, is important to any scientist who wishes to share their newly acquired knowledge, be it in conferences and collaborations or simply when explaining to a new acquaintance what it is that you do.


Weizmann Institute of Science

PhD • 2012 — 2017

Thesis title: “Scanning SQUID On Tip microscopy of topological states of matter”

Weizmann Institute of Science

MSc Physics • 2009 — 2012

Thesis title: “Study of Vortex Dynamics in Type-II Superconductors by SOT microscopy”

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

BSc Physics and Chemistry (magna cum laude) • 2006 — 2009

Technical Skills

Scanning Probe Microscopy

Design, assembly and use of a scanning probe microscope (scanning SQUID-On-Tip microscope).


Evaporation and sputtering processes, SEM microscopy

Experiment design

From the sample through the setup to the measurement.

Data analysis

Including image analysis.

Mentoring and Science outreach

Contributor to the Davidson Institute website

Writing about science news, science phenomena and answering questions.

examples (all in Hebrew)

Editor at “Mada Gadol Baktana” group,

which provide free, accessible, proof-checked knowledge to the public over the Facebook social platform.

Facebook Link

Website Link

High-school final project mentor

A final project in physics as a substitute for an exam. Includes a small lab project and a final report submission.

Davidson institute instructor

The Davidson Institute is the educational arm of the Weizmann Institute of Science.
Mentoring was ranged between small group mentoring during experiments, and explanations and tours of the lab.

Clore Garden of Science

I was a group guide at the Clore Garden of Science, guiding groups and VIP visitors from the age of 6 to 60 (and probably older).

Superconductivity popular lecture

Given to the general public, high school students and junior-high students.

Microscopy popular lecture - "seeing electricity"

Given during "science on tap" events (2014,2015).

Game Theory and Chocolates - popular lecture

Given to high school students in the "Chetz" program.